About The Social Edge Biz

The Social Edge Biz Skills Development and Training Academy drives to strive for success. Our training courses and workshops provide practical training and gives you useful tools and skills to implement and to invest in yourself and your career. We develop and train Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Middle management, Personnel, Students and Individuals to Embrace and Broaden their scope for growth and development by enriching themselves for a brighter future. Our Mission Statement POWER; STRATEGY; CREDIBILITY and RESPECT To strengthen your Strategy and Increase your Credibility in the Marketplace and to gain Respect and obtain the Power tools you need to succeed in your goals and aspirations.



There are millions of South African citizens struggling with debt.

There are millions of South African citizens struggling with debt. A lot of debt can be alleviated if you have the right tools. This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to reduce or eliminate debt, and give you the financial stability you need. The guide teaches you the benefits of having a budget and how to build a budget that fits your needs, and lifestyle. You will discover how you can cut costs, pay off debts, and live within your budget.

Health and Wellness

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee.

Our Health and Wellness at Work course will be instrumental in creating a “Culture of Wellness” within your organization. Your participants will touch on common issues such as smoking cessation, nutrition & weight loss, and preventative care. Health and Wellness is the responsibility of everyone in an organization so take the positive step and create a program at your organization.

Business Etiquette

Let's face it: we've all had those embarrassing etiquette gaffes.

This course examines the basics, most importantly to be considerate of others, dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and 'the handshake', conversation skills/small talk, cultural differences affecting international business opportunities, dealing with interruptions, and proper business email and telephone etiquette.