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The Social Edge-Biz offers workshops providing skills giving Teens a great game plan for achieving their dreams and strategies to reach their highest goals and be prepared to overcome any obstacles they might encounter, which ignites participants to receive practical training and gain key skills such as Leadership Qualities, Self Confidence, Public Speaking ,Resisting Peer Pressure, Bullying, Vision Mission Planning, Presentation ,Entrepreneurship , Life Skills and much more.We are committed to providing the best opportunity we can to allow the participant to develop their character and leadership skills. In order for us to be able to do this, the participant must have made the commitment to take part. Our aim is to have everyone on the program by choice and if the participant does not want to stay on the program, we request the parent/guardian of the participant, to remove the participant so as not to compromise the experience of others.

The participant agrees to:
• Inform any member of The Social Edge-Biz or associated facilitator of any medication I am taking that is not on my indemnity form.
• Comply with all safety instructions given
• Respect the facilitators and other participants
• Not use offensive language towards any facilitator or participant
• Not use any threatening behavior toward any facilitator or participant
• Not post any images or comments on any social media site that may give a negative impression of The Social Edge-Biz During the course of the program refrain from using personal devices (eg. Mobile phones, camera, ipod) unless otherwise permitted by the program facilitators.


Your safety and welfare is our primary concern, however you do participate at your own risk and we do not accept liability for any injury or loss.
Note: there are times during your course when you will not be under the direct supervision of staff eg. Lunch breaks.
• The Social Edge-Biz has a strict no-smoking policy. No alcohol or non-prescription drugs are permitted.
• The Workshop is Smoke, drug & alcohol free
Personal Items
The Social Edge-Biz cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or belongings brought to the programme. You should arrange for your own insurance of these items.
There will be photographs and video’s taken of The Social Edge-Biz Workshops which will be used on our website and Social Media to further promote the Workshop. Please advise us if there is any concern regarding this prior to the event. Should your child arrive at the event without any concerns expressed, we'll accept that we have your consent to do so.

Privacy & Security

The Social Edge-Biz has to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. For the ends of this clause, "personal information" is defined according to the details in the Promotion of Access to Information Act, number 2 of 2000 (PAIA). The Social Edge is authorised to gather, store and use the following of your information: 
Name and surname, Date of birth, Sex, Citizenship, Nearest city, Non-personal click patterns, Email address, IP address, and, ID or passport number

The Social Edge-Biz is entitled to gather, store and use the above information for the following purposes:

  • To greet you when you access the site;
  • To inform you of facts regarding your access and use of the site;
  • To inform you of competitions and promotions offered by The Social Edge or its partners;
  • To set up non-personal statistics about internet habits, click patterns and access to the site;
  • To verify your identity when you make a transaction through The Social Edge;
  • To ensure the products are received by the addressee.
  • The above information is either gathered electronically through the use of "cookies", or provided by you voluntarily. You can regulate the use of ""cookies"" independently with your personal search engine settings.
  • You can choose to not receive any information from The Social Edge and its partners.

The Social Edge-Biz is entitled to gather, store, compile and share any information gleaned from you, subject to the following conditions: The Social Edge may not make any of your personal details public unless you have agreed to it, or unless it is required for the purposes of any judicial process. The Social Edge may compile, use and share any information that has no bearing on any particular individual, and The Social Edge owns and reserves the right to non-personal statistical information gathered and complied by The Social Edge.


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